Batch control system overview

        The Batch control system is a batch supervisory system designed for applications in which batch processing flexibility is important. The batch control system is an open system that allows you to use a standard controller as a batch controller and a PC as the supervisory station. The batch control system is an open systems approach that works with your existing hardware standards and follows the emerging batch standards as defined by the Instrument Society of America (ISA) S 88.


            Continuous Processes

        In a continuous process, a product is made by passing materials through different pieces of specialized equipment. Each of these pieces of equipment ideally operates in a single, steady state and performs one dedicated process function. The output from a continuous process appears in a continuous flow.


            Batch  Processes

        The batch process is a process that manufactures a finite quantity of material by subjecting quantities of input materials to a sequential order of processing actions using one or more pieces of equipment. The product produced by a batch process is called a batch. Batch processes are discontinuous processes. Ingredients are sequentially prepared, e.g., mixed, reacted, finished, and then packaged. Batch processes are neither discrete nor continuous, but they may have characteristics of both.


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