Process ingeneering

As project leaders, we consider all technical and economic aspects to propose an optimized solution :

Writing the specification

Based on expressed needs, we help customers prepare the specification which will define all technical data for the project and performances to be achevied.

Search for optimal solutions

We start from this document and prepare an architecture including existing components if necessary.

Construction and implementatlon

After the proposed solution has been approved by the customer, we carry out the final study : select standard equipment, make special components and interfaces, and integrate the assembly on site.

We then put the solution into service and we assume users training.

Fields of expertise

We provide our customers with an innovative study and design organization, and are attentive to their automation plans in the following fields :

batch process

continuous process


Industrial computing

We develop our control programs on all equipment types :

programmable logic controllers and SCADA

custom with C, VBasic


Process supervisors

Our teams are trained to the main standards and make supervision systems adapted to all special requirements in customer specifications.

Data collection

We make complex real-time data collection systems (test benches) and intertacing with production management and monitoring applications.