Our references



    Flexible Batch process, Avondale (Irland)

    Batch process :

- Serono (Switzerland) Technical note in french

- SPCA BARCROFT (France) Technical note in french

- MErial (France)


- Beecham (Scotland)

    Continuous process, Prayon-Ruppel (Belgium)

    Reactor regulation, Solvay (France) Technical note in french


Food industry

    COCA COCA, Juice factory : Batch process 

    Unilever, ice cream factory : Batch process Technical note in french

    Comilac (Belgium)


Water treatment

    Paris Water Station, Colombes (France) : PCS 

    Unit of deionised water, Christ : consulting APT, Tistar


Air treatment

    Cogema (France)

    Cleaning room for semi-conductors, Ultra Clean Class, Texas Instrument (Italy / USA)

    Cleaning room for semi-conductors, SMIC (Shanghaï, China) Technical note in french

Cleaning room

Petrol and gas

    Developpment of the FDS for a delivering station, Butagaz



    Centralised technical management of building, Digital


Manufactoring machines

    Plastic cards conditionning, Cogema (France)

    SEPR (France)



    Software of pressure sensor calibration, Eurodif

    Storage management tool, COGEMA (France)

    Developpment wizard tools, EURODIF